Pelosi Helicopters in to Squash Bi-Partisan Bailout Of American People


OPINION | With the Senate having spent the weekend negotiating a bi-partisan $1.6 Trillion economic bailout/stimulus bill, Nancy Pelosi returned just in time to block it.

Remember when President Trump asked for $2.5 Billion for the initial fight against the virus?  Under Speaker Pelosi’s orders that amount was bumped to $8.5 so that she would have $3 Billion in spending for… “foreign aid.”

With $1.6 Trillion on the table, Pelosi has her own ideas how to distribute that money in order to attain maximum benefit for her party just as she did with the 2009 bailout funds.

Thankfully, President Trump remains above Washington’s political schemes, as he continues to work tirelessly for us, the American people.

Clearly the phone lines were burning last night as President Trump engaged to make America great.

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