Pelosi, Cummings, NY Times Get AWFUL News After Quoting FAKE Twitter Account


Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummings and the New York Times just made MASSIVE fools of themselves (even more massive than usual).

The ridiculous trio got some devastating news just hours after all falling victim to a FAKE Twitter account.

On Tuesday, Cummings justified the ousting of National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn by quoting a tweet supposedly made by Flynn in which he admitted wrongdoing and called himself a “scapegoat.”

Cummings was appearing before a press conference with Pelosi, who acknowledged the tweet.

Around the same time, the New York Times published a story on Flynn using the same tweet as “proof” that he had violated protocol.

Just one BIG problem.

That Twitter account doesn’t really belong to Michael Flynn. It’s a FAKE Twitter handle.

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Twitter tries to make this easy for people like Pelosi and the New York Times by put a big blue check mark on VERIFIED Twitter accounts.

If that mark doesn’t appear, then it’s a good indication the account might be a fake.

Ah, but Pelosi and the Times never did let the facts get in the way of a juicy story.

Now they’ve all got egg on their faces.

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Whoever does run the fake Flynn account later tweeted:

“The failing @nytimes, @NancyPelosi & @RepCummings issued statements based on 100% FAKE news. We expect more from our media & politicians!”

Source: Fox News

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