‘Peaceful’ ANTIFA Thug Assaults Reporter Then Watch What Happens To Him [VIDEO]


Just another ‘peaceful’ ‘tolerant’ ‘liberal’ ‘protester’ the media and cowards such as Romney and Ryan are so quick to defend in their efforts to destroy President Trump … unreal.

The group known as ANTIFA, supposedly for anti-fascist, takes fascism to a new level.

In their delusion, they believe they can say or do whatever they please and get away with it. We are not in Obama’s land anymore.

In protests around the country, these paid fascists run around attempting to set false narratives and causing chaos wherever level-headed Conservatives live and work.

In a recent protest, Jack Posobiec of Rebel TV was reporting on their “cause” when one antifa punk on a bike rides up and attacks him…on camera.

What happens next shocked most of the people standing by:

Ironically, the Left wonders why we believe nothing they say any longer?

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