“Pawn Stars” Icon Has Few Harsh Words for Pelosi and Schumer… Put Socialism Debate to Bed


ICYMI| The iconic Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” made an appearance on Mark Levin’ show on Fox News (Aug 2018).

During his visit on the show, Harrison explained that he doesn’t agree with the “participation trophy” generation, and he explained his stance on the liberal move toward socialism in recent months.

“We’re raising an entire generation that gets a participation trophy?” Harrison explained to the host of “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

60-year-old Levin then questioned 53-year-old Harrison about those people in their own generation who agree with the participation trophy stance.

“I mean, Chuck Schumer, he’s our generation, Nancy Pelosi, she’s a generation beyond, but you get the point,” Levin explained.

“I truly believe that if you’re older and you’re educated and you’re touting socialism, you’re either not that intelligent or you’re evil. It comes down to that,” Harrison stated.

“Power hungry, maybe?” Levin answered.

Take a look at the video below:

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