Paul Ryan Sides with FBI against Trump, Conservatives


Pretending there is no evidence that the FBI spied on Donald Trump, Paul Ryan supports the deep state’s coup attempt.

The sheer magnitude of the corruption one must ignore in order to claim, as Paul Ryan did, that there’s no evidence of FBI wrongdoing, is rather staggering. The fact that Ryan will side with the bureaucrats at this point, when his position as Speaker of the House is being questioned, shows he must be highly committed to the FBI’s ongoing operation.



Politico reports, “Ryan undercuts Trump on Russia at fraught moment.

Paul Ryan has spent much of the past year and a half biting his tongue as Donald Trump totally upended his party. Now, the outgoing House speaker is contradicting the president on the issue he obsesses over most: the Russia investigation.

The Wisconsin Republican gingerly undercut a core Trump talking point during a news conference Wednesday, arguing that he had seen “no evidence” to back Trump’s assertion that the FBI wrongfully planted a spy in his campaign. Ryan also panned Trump’s argument that he has the power to pardon himself.

“Obviously, the answer is he shouldn’t, and no one is above the law,” Ryan said.

Ryan’s pushback, delicate as it was, is risky. When House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) first dismissed Trump’s “spygate” theory last week, Trump allies pummeled him for days. Ryan’s comments, and his subsequent defense of Gowdy, are already igniting the ire of the president’s most ardent defenders.

And it comes amid a simmering debate among House Republicans over whether the retiring speaker should remain in the job through the election, as he insists, or whether the conference should move on and select a permanent leader.

“Once again, this is Speaker Ryan being unhelpful to the Republican efforts to keep control of the House and pick up Senate seats,” said one former top Trump campaign official who keeps in touch with Trump. “He needs to go … now.”

During a Fox Business Network interview with Lou Dobbs on Thursday night, conservative Rep. Matt Gaetz said he’s now hearing people talk in earnest about whether there needs to be a leadership shakeup at the top. The freshman from Florida, an outspoken Trump defender, suggested that Ryan hadn’t been supportive enough of Republicans like himself in trying to get to the bottom of the FBI’s Russia inquiry. And he argued that Ryan “needs to step up” and “stop defending the FBI.”

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