Patriotic Owner of Dallas Cowboys Has Bad News For NFL Commissioner Over Disrespecting National Anthem


A serious drama is afoot as the NFL season kicks off. No, not the flagging ticket sales, which was to be expected as more and more players take a knee during the national anthem.

This has to do with the team owners, one in particular, and their relationship with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. But there’s little question that it’s connected to the disrespecting of our flag and nation.

Goodell’s contract is reaching its end, and he’s been furiously trying to secure an extension.

Nearly all the team owners are in support of this, save one. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

ESPN reports:

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has impeded the progress of contract negotiations aimed at an extension for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, according to sources familiar with those talks. “If not for Jerry,” one person familiar with the contract negotiations said this weekend, “this deal would be done.” While some owners believe a deal will be agreed upon, others aren’t quite as sure thanks to Jones, who has interjected himself into the process of the NFL’s six-man compensation committee, becoming the unofficial seventh member.

What’s interesting here is that this drama comes hot on the heels of Goodell defending the vile unpatriotic antics of Colin Kaepernick and other like-minded players, while Jerry Jones brutally warned his own players that they better not disrespect the national anthem before Cowboys games.

Coincidence? Or is Jones doing his all to remove a non-patriot from America’s most iconic sport?

H/T American Journal Review

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