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Patriotic DAD CONFRONTS SCHOOL BOARD After Finding Out Children Being Taught Islam In School [Video]


This dad is just amazing!

We ned more dads like this one to speak up against the very active push to teach Islam in schools.

CAIR has taken it upon themselves to claim that they need to fight “Islamophobia”.

Janet Levy of American Thinker:

“If allowed to stand, the SDUSD anti-bullying program – geared specifically to the CAIR-identified needs of Muslim students – could mark a dangerous departure from treasured constitutional principles and First Amendment protections. This case warrants serious attention, as it has grave implications for the direction of education and the supremacy of Islam in the nation.”


American Thinker reported: With a decade-long history of yielding to Islamic demands and recent, more alarming submissions, San Diego city schools appear to be ground zero for Islamic indoctrination within American public schools. The current capitulation includes an Islam-centric curriculum with input and resources from a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organization, which raises First Amendment issues as well as serious concerns of favoritism toward Muslims students over students of other faiths.


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