Pat Boone Drops TRUTH BOMB on Meryl Streep and Hollywood Trump-Haters


Hollywood conservatives are generally a more reserved bunch. But more and more are coming out of the woodwork in response to the ridiculous behavior of their liberal colleagues toward President Trump.

The latest was singer Pat Boone, who urged loudmouths like Meryl Streep to get a grip, but explained why they never will.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Boone noted that “Hollywood seems to have no moral guidelines.”

As for Streep and other liberal celebrities using every award show as a platform to trash Trump, Boone said:

I don’t think that award shows are the place to express some narrow political view. Now, it’s not narrow to her, or to most of that audience, but to most of America, who had elected a man that she detests and doesn’t wanna even give a chance to.”

And there he identified the problem.

Streep makes outlandish remarks about Trump while surrounded by a mob of her liberal peers. And so she is wildly applauded, leading her to believe such views are more widely appreciated than they really are.

But the reality is that Americans DON’T CARE what Streep and others think about Trump.

Still, Boone doesn’t think it will hurt her career. “She’s in the side of the career that applauds it. Oh, no, it’s good for her,” he said.

Perhaps, for the time being. It will draw liberal Americans closer to her. But it will also alienate the half of America that voted for Trump.

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And an actor who can only draw half of the movie-going public is going to see his or her career go into decline.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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