Parody ‘It Wasn’t Me’ Music Video Mocks Democrats’ Hypocrisy About Violating Own Lockdown Orders


A new parody music video produced by Reason magazine mocks Democratic lawmakers who were caught breaking their own lockdown rules during the coronavirus pandemic.

Comedian Remy Munasifi, who goes by “GoRemy” on social media, stars in the video parodying Shaggy’s hit 2000 song “It Wasn’t Me”. Munasifi portrays a politician caught blatantly violating his own orders by dining with friends.

“Voter came and they caught me red-handed/Eating at the place next door,” Munasifi sings. “Picture this, it was not that vacant/Like 100 peeps or more.

“How could I forget that I had/Banned all indoor gatherings?” he continues. “Just a prime example of/Really big hypocrisy.”

Much of the video appears to be inspired by t… (Read more)

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