Paris is Begging Trump and All Americans For Help


Paris and the nation of France are begging President Trump and all Americans to help protect and preserve their country’s history and culture.

No, the French haven’t suddenly realized what a terrible mistake they made by opening the gates to a flood of Muslim migrants. It will, sadly, take even more death and destruction before their eyes are fully opened on that front.

What they want help with now is repairing and restoring Paris’ famed Notre Dame Cathedral.

Fox News reports:

France is looking for help from Americans to ensure the world-famous cathedral Notre Dame lasts well into the future.

The Archbishop of Paris launched a fund-raising push — Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris — last year, but now it’s specifically targeting American donors, according to the French version of The Local.

The foundation received charity status in May from U.S. tax authorities, which will allow Notre Dame to receive untaxed donations.

Notre Dame broke ground in 1163 and was completed in 1345. Now, the cathedral is looking for a total of more than $175 million for repairs.

“It was put it to us that Notre-Dame is a world monument and we could look to raise money for its repair from outside of France,” Michel Picaud, fundraising senior advisor for Friends of Notre-Dame, said.

While many Americans may be inclined to help this effort, the timing couldn’t be worse with most donations currently going toward relief and rebuilding programs in Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

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