Panicked NYT Warning Its Reporters to Not Accidentally Let the American People Know That It Prints LIES


A new era of holding the mainstream media accountable has dawned, and outlets like the New York Times are freaking out.

In an urgent warning to its own reporters, the Times got paranoid about the possibility of being duped into revealing its own bias and lies.

Deputy Managing Editor Clifford Levy reminded Times journalists of how CNN producers were recently filmed on hidden camera as they mocked the American people and admitted to employing “fake news” against President Trump.

Of particular concern to Levy was that someone in New York is apparently going around claiming to be a college student as he engage Times reporters.

It seems this vigilante is determined to catch reporters slipping up.

Levy wrote on Twitter:

“Newsrooms beware: Someone claiming to be a college student is trying to interview NYT journalists. We’re concerned that it’s a ruse.”

Now, Levy’s paranoia is very telling.

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If there was nothing to hide, then it wouldn’t matter all that much if reporters were approached and even tricked by this phony “college student.”

The fact that Levy’s concerned that this guy will get something out of his staff only PROVES that the Times has something to hide.

Source: The Daily Caller

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