Pandemic: Trump Takes Unprecedented Steps to Address Future Biological Pathogens


President Trump, unlike his predecessors, is a builder… a builder of things that last.  

Unlike his “kick the can down the road” predecessors, Trump is designing a platform that will be the model for fighting future biological pathogens.  That significance of this should not be minimized.

Donald Trump foresaw the problems with being dependent on China for our country’s critical infrastructure needs and set about uncoupling those supply chains and rebuilding our independence, and with it, increasing our country’s national security.

Likewise, President Trump addressed future national security considerations by authorizing the Space Force.

Today, he has brought together a public-private coalition to combat what amounts to biological warfare which is almost certain to be one of the ways our national security will be threatened by future enemies… if that’s not what COVID-19 is, now.

As president, Trump is coordinating an “all-in America” response assembling the brightest minds from science and industry to work together to anticipate the changing events before they occur and then defining solutions.

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