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Palestinian Girl Arrested For Repeatedly Slapping Israeli Soldier


Israelis were furious when a video clip showing two young Palestinians girls physically abusing an IDF soldier went viral over the weekend.

On Monday night, the army balanced the scales by arresting the girl who had instigated the troubling encounter.

Many Israelis have long complained that restrictive rules of engagement permit Palestinian Arabs to molest IDF soldiers with impunity. The goal of these provocateurs, of course, is to elicit a violent response from the soldiers, which can then be used to further smear the Jewish state on the international stage.

More often than not, those directly confronting the soldiers are Palestinian children, and the Israelis’ standard refusal to take the bait negates the common narrative of the IDF being “child-killers,” which is why such incidents rarely receive media coverage.

Such was the case last Friday. The video shows the two Israeli soldiers maintaining their composure while taking multiple blows, before slowly slinking away from the scene.

The primary instigator has been identified as 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi, who has in recent years made a name for herself in multiple videotaped provocations of Israeli soldiers.

Tamimi was arrested and taken in for questioning.

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