Over 80,000 Sign Online Petition Demanding Recall Democrat Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer


Opinion| Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was supposed to be the favorite to be Joe Biden’s running mate. She can kiss that goodbye.

There were a couple of reasons that Biden was leaning towards her. Number one, she is a woman and he promised to pick a female running mate. Number two, she is a huge critic of Donald Trump and number three, she would guaranty a win in Michigan for Biden.

That’s no longer the case after a recall petition was filed against her and shot up to 80,000 signatures very fast. Voters in Michigan are suffering from a very bad case of buyer’s remorse.

Her draconian decrees have angered enough people in Michigan to put her job in serious danger.

Legally, the petition is meaningless, but it may indicate an appetite on the part of some Michiganders to remove their governor.

According to Ballotpedia, petitioners need to gather one-quarter of the number of votes in the previous gubernatorial election in order to trigger a recall process.

That equates to 1,062,647 valid signatures being required to put Whitmer’s recall on the ballot.

“Whitmer is more concerned about running for Vice President,” Dylan Raymond wrote as his reason for signing.

Mike Robinson echoed that theme: “She chooses her own political aspirations over the people of Michigan.”

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