Over 500 Guns Found At Felon’s House! Look Where He Lives


A convicted felon was found in possession of over 500 firearms in his home.

Make that his California home. Yes, that’s right California. Regardless of your anti-gun stance, and your strict gun laws, it seems as though a convicted criminal did not care about the law, and stockpiled a huge arsenal of weapons.

As reported by washingtonexaminer.com

California authorities seized more than 550 guns last week from two Southern California homes and made one arrest after receiving a tip that a convicted felon was storing a substantial arsenal of firearms.

Searchers who raided the 60-year-old Manuel Fernandez’s residence in Agua Dulce initially found 432 rifles and handguns before returning and finding another 91 hidden weapons, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said Monday. Thirty more guns were seized at a different home believed to be linked to an associate of Fernandez.

Fernandez was arrested last week, but the associate allegedly linked to him has not returned back to his residence were 30 firearms were seized.

“Detectives also seized computers, cellphones, and hard drives from the residence believed to be involved in the illicit purchase of firearms by the suspect,” the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

This is proof of one of the main arguments used by gun activists. Criminals do not care if it is legal to own guns or not. Taking away the legal rights to own firearms only infringes on the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners.

It was illegal for this man to own one gun, yet he was able to illegally obtain over 500, along with numerous other illegal items in the state of California, such as large capacity magazines.

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