‘Outrageous’ To See Biden Targeting Gun Rights As Violent Crime Surges: Lara Trump


Fox News contributor Lara Trump blasted President Biden’s new crime prevention strategy, Thursday, arguing on “Fox & Friends” that legal gun owners are being unfairly targeted by the administration’s gun control agenda.

LARA TRUMP: It is a preposterous idea that guns are the problem.

Obviously, it is what Joe Biden and his Democratic colleagues have been pushing for the last year, which is exactly what you just said, Steve, defund the police. You really think that having fewer police, fewer cops on the street is going to have crime go down? Obviously, crime is going to skyrocket. And that is exactly what we have seen happen.

That speech, that press conference yesterday was just another bumbling, mumbling embarrassment for America.

I mean, Joe Biden does not look like he can handle doing these things. It… (Read more)

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