OUTRAGEOUS: Muslim Refugee Comes With 4 Wives, 22 Kids – Look How Much Welfare He Gets!


There’s a lot we need to do to better vet Muslim immigrants.

But one of the cornerstone conditions for immigrating to the West should be adherence to OUR LAWS!

And Sharia Law is NOT part of our laws.

That means you can’t have four wives if you want to live here.

And you certainly can’t claim welfare benefits related to each of those four wives.

But that’s EXACTLY what one Syrian refugee is getting away with, to the tune of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

Ghazia A. made a decent living in Syria before fleeing with his four wives and 22 CHILDREN.

When he got to Germany, Ghazia discovered that having so many children meant he didn’t have to work!

Isn’t socialism great!

The clan later moved on to Denmark, where Ghazia is collecting an OUTRAGEOUS $336,000 A YEAR IN CHILD BENEFITS.

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Forget the violence and failure to integrate.

If we allow this to continue, Muslim refugees are going to bankrupt us.

Source: The New York Evening

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