OUTRAGE Over What Barack Obama Was Just Spotted Doing… Look Closely


The Obama presidency was unlike any before it. And the Obama post-presidency is more of the same.

That’s to say he’s not acting very presidential, and is instead gallivanting around like a celebrity. Just like he did while he was president!

Obama spent the past several days in New York City, where mobs of liberals sickeningly reacted like teenage girls in the presence of Justin Bieber.

Here’s another angle of the crowd’s reaction to Obama leaving a shopping center:

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A day later, Obama and teenage daughter Malia very conspicuously attended a Broadway show in the company of several Hollywood stars.

This is what they mean by “cult of personality,” and it didn’t used to be what we expected from our president.

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Yes, Donald Trump also has a big following based on his personality. But the difference is that he’s a president who is more concerned with getting the job done than with cultivating that cult.

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