OUTRAGE: Christian Man is Going to Jail for Telling Gay People About Jesus


They preach tolerance, but then have none for conservative Christians.

A 51-year-old Christian man could be heading to jail for daring to tell people about Jesus at a gay pride parade.

Bill Whatcott is a bus driver in Toronto. When he heard about a major gay pride parade in Calgary, Whatcott felt compelled to act.

He showed up to the event and began passing out pamphlets informing the revelers about the dangers, both physically and spiritually, of homosexuality, and that Jesus died to save them from their sins.

News reports stressed that the pamphlets did NOT encourage hate against homosexuals or advocate any kind of violence.

Nevertheless, Whatcott was arrested and charged with “willful promotion of hatred against an identifiable group, namely the gay community,” according to a statement by the Toronto Police Service.

If convicted, Whatcott could face two years in prison merely for speaking his mind.

It’s becoming a dangerous time for Christians who are dedicated to God’s Word.

Source: Christian Post

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