OUCH! Sheriff David Clarke DEMOLISHES Obama in Just 8 Words


America’s Sheriff, David Clarke, had brutal words for President Barack Obama just days before he leaves the White House.

Speaking on Fox Business Network, Clarke slammed Obama for starting a “war on cops.”

Coming from a black man and a respected police officer, these eight words from Clarke had to sting Obama:

“Thank God we only have 11 days left…”

Clarke explained that today black thugs are more likely than ever before to shoot at or otherwise behave violently toward police officers.

And that’s all thanks to the rise of Black Lives Matter, of which Obama has been a primary patron.

“He’s been an echo chamber for this anti-cop sentiment that has given rise to this,” said the sheriff.

Clarke went on to slam Obama for having no idea what he’s talking about.

“He has no idea what it’s like to be a law enforcement officer and how fast these things can happen. He suggests that cops should engage in dialogue first. He suggests less than lethal options before they go to deadly force. How’d that work out for this Orlando police officer? She didn’t have a chance to engage in dialogue.”

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