OUCH! Obama HUMILIATED Following Stuck-Up New Year’s Post


President Obama took to Twitter on Sunday to wish the nation, and himself, a Happy New Year. He was promptly humiliated for his self-centered efforts.

Obama sent out a series of tweets that were essentially patting himself on the back. The man still believes he was one of the greatest American presidents in history.

Obama tried to make the tweets about the American people, but his conceit was only thinly-veiled.

He rambled (as much as Twitter will allow) about how he had created jobs, about the benefits of Obamacare, about pulling American troops out of places where they are still needed, and about giving the nation over to the LGBT agenda.

Obama’s tweets elicited a stream of snarky responses. Especially in reaction to his remarks that only NOW would he be a normal citizen.

“You were a citizen for the last eight years too. That was Washington’s point. God’s mercy, you can’t even be humble when you try,” wrote one Twitter user.

Actor Nick Searcy had probably the best response to our outgoing president:

“You’ve always been a citizen, Your Imaginary Royal Highness. Not realizing that has been your problem all along. Scram.”

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