Oscars Rating Slide Shows America is FED UP With Hollywood


By now we all know that Sunday’s Academy Awards (Oscars) received the annual broadcast’s lowest ratings in nearly a decade.

That’s pretty incredible, considering that an unprecedented number of Americans have televisions and are hooked up to cable.

Despite such a large entertainment-focused American market, this year’s Oscars averaged just 32.9 million total viewers and a 9.1 rating in the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 demographic.

That’s going to hurt them next year when they go fishing for advertisers.

ABC, which broadcasts the Oscars, tried to find a silver lining, noting that the Golden Globes and Grammys registered even worse ratings this year.

All that means is that Americans are shunning Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general.

Maybe most Americans just didn’t want to tune in to yet another awards show in which entitled Hollywood snowflakes hijacked a platform intended for entertainment to bash the man that those Americans elected as president.

Here’s an idea – do the job we Americans pay you to do, which is entertain us, and stop shoving your political views down our throats. Then, maybe, just maybe, we’ll start tuning in again.

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