Oregon’s Governor Gutted 2nd Amendment Rights with a Stroke Of Her Pen


Oregon Governor Kate Brown needs a reminder about our Constitution and how it protects the rights of Americans.

Gov. Kate Brown signed gun control legislation to allow “extreme risk protection orders.” The orders temporarily forbid a person from possessing or purchasing deadly weapons if they’re deemed an imminent threat to themselves or others.

The bill Brown signed, Senate Bill 719, was one of the most controversial passed by the Oregon Legislature this year.
Many conservative websites are sure that Oregon are no longer a free state. Do you agree with that?
Critics worry that courts and law enforcement officials will abuse the power to confiscate firearms.

Oregon live reports:

The process begins when a family member or law enforcement officer petitions the court for such an order. The person must support the request with a statement made under oath showing that the respondent poses a threat to themselves or others.

How is the decision to issue an extreme risk protection order made?
A judge weighs the petitioner’s statement; the subject’s history of suicide threats or attempts of violence; convictions for domestic violence, stalking, DUI or animal cruelty; recent illegal drug use, unlawful and reckless use of deadly weapons; and previous violations of restraining orders. The judge can also take into account testimony from a mental health professional.

Can a person’s guns be taken away without any evidence they pose a real risk?
Short answer: No.

What happens after an extreme risk protection order is issued?
If an order has been issued, the person subject to it has 24 hours to “surrender all deadly weapons” in their possession to a local law enforcement agency, gun dealer or a qualified third party. The order lasts for one year, unless the person subject to the order requests a hearing to contest the order and it’s overturned by a judge, or the original petitioner asks for the order to be revoked. 

What do you think?

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