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Oregon Abandons the Second Amendment. Here’s What Gun Owners Need to Know Now


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed into law a Democrat-backed bill that violates the Second Amendment by forcing gun owners to surrender their firearms.

The law, known as SB 719A, enables police or private citizens to file a complaint leading to an order to surrender all firearms.

In other words, it opens the door to spurious claims and witch hunts that liberals are almost guaranteed to exploit.

As Breitbart previously reported:

Requires court to order respondent to surrender deadly weapons and concealed handgun license within 24 hours of service of initial order, and immediately upon service of continued or renewed order. Provides for law enforcement officer serving order to request immediate surrender of deadly weapons and concealed handgun license and authorizes law enforcement officer to take possession of surrendered items.

Gov. Brown said of the law that it is the “best way to ensure that a person who is at risk of harming themselves or others is identified, while still ensuring their rights are protected by a court review.”

Of course, that point of view entirely ignores the fact that the type of criminals who perpetrate most gun crimes aren’t going to adhere to this or any other law.

All SB 719A is going to do it take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, and thereby INCREASE the likelihood of violent crimes by clearing the way for gun-totting criminals.

A statement by the National Rifle Association in response to this ill-advised legislation read:

“By allowing a law enforcement officer, family member, or household member to seek the ERPO, SB 719A would allow people who are not mental health professionals, who may be mistaken, and who may only have minimal contact with the respondent to file a petition with the court and testify on the respondent’s state of mind.”

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