One Town is BANNING the American Flag, and Patriotic Residents Are Fighting Back


You know liberalism has gotten out of control when Americans start taking down their own flag.

And if these are the folks backing the Democratic Party, then Schumer, Pelosi and their lot have much bigger problems to address than Trump’s policies.

Breitbart has the infuriating report:

Officials in King County, Washington, removed a memorial featuring the stars and stripes because one resident called it “offensive.” But citizens incensed over the removal flocked to the site and immediately put the display back up.

King County road crews recently removed a flag-festooned, roadside memorial erected to celebrate America’s military veterans. The display had been sitting in the same spot near Preston, Washington, for several years, residents say. But county officials say the memorial was removed after several years there because someone complained.

Supporters of the memorial were…upset that a single complaint could cause the display to be removed against the will of the majority.

So, disrespecting our veterans and banning the display of our flag in a public place. And isn’t it always the liberal way that a small number of whiners manage to impose their will upon the majority?

If you no longer want to be Americans, just leave. We won’t stop you.

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