One Politician is Asking the Question About Muslim Refugees That No One Else Will


As Middle East migration to the West increases, very few in our politically-correct societies seem willing to ask the first, most obvious question.

Why are refugees from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere coming to us when neighboring countries have the resources to take them in?

Surely, moving to a fellow Islamic, Arabic-speaking country is preferable to making the long journey to a totally foreign land with an unfamiliar culture.

At least one Western politician is starting to push back on this issue.

Voice of Europe reports:

Polish MP Dominik Tarczyński, also Vice President of the European Conservatives in the Council of Europe, was interviewed by TRT World, a Turkish international news channel.

In a heated exchange on TRT’s ‘The Newsmakers’, the polish MP asks why neighbouring countries, some of the richest countries in the world, aren’t taking these majority Muslim migrants and why it’s being labelled a ‘European problem’.

‘Where is Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world, where is Qatar? Most of the refugees are Muslims which are neighbours to this country, so why you are calling this a European problem?’

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