One of Hollywood’s Biggest Anti-Trump Comedians Just Got Devastating News


Louis C.K. was once one of Hollywood’s funniest of funnymen.

That all began to change when he jumped on Tinseltown’s anti-Trump bandwagon and began to resort almost solely to tired jokes about the president.

For years already, Louis C.K. has been disgraced in the eyes of America.

But, last week, his fortunes fell even lower when emails between himself and scandalous chef Sarma Melngailis from back in 2012 were leaked to the press.

Turns out Louis C.K. did the very un-funny thing of giving Melngailis an STD during their one-night stand.

Even less funny was how the comedian tried to dismiss the affair in a rambling email to the chef.

He wrote:

“hey. I understand you’re upset. This kind of s–t is tough. I never swore that I was clean. I told you I may or may not have given this to you. I’m sorry if I did. If you gave it to me, it’s okay. We all share the current human bloodstream, which includes this kind of stuff. I should have worn a condom, you should have made me, we should have a lot of things. we are human.”

Via Page Six

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