One Day After News of Nuke Program, North Korea Drops BOMBSHELL Announcement


We just learned that North Korea is apparently NOT halting its nuclear program.

And now this.

It would in fact seem to incompatible with that earlier news.

If North Korea is going back on its word to President Trump regarding its nuke program, then why is Pyongyang at the same time taking steps to soften its stance toward America?

From American Military News:

In a sign of improving relations with the United States, North Korea has decided to cancel an annual “anti-U.S. imperialism” rally this year.

The rally served as one of North Korea’s most symbolic and political events, held annually on July 27 in remembrance of the start of the Korean War. North Korea historically celebrated the day as a national holiday called “Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.”

The rally included events focused on the Korean War, complete with nationalist fervor and anti-U.S. postage stamps.

It’s a very curious development.

Perhaps Kim Jong-Un was serious about better relations with the US, even if he never intended to back down on attaining nuclear weapons.

Either way, we can be expecting President Trump to address these developments shortly.

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