On The Down Low: Germany Answers US Call – Hits Iran Bigly!


Pro-Iran Germany has stopped a $400 million transfer to Iran following U.S. Ambassador’s request.

Israeli And U.S. Officials argued that the money would just be used to fund terrorism.

From jpost.com

Germany’s powerful central bank – Deutsche Bundesbank – passed a new financial policy that will effectively bar the transfer of nearly $400 million in cash to the Iranian regime.

The mass circulation daily BILD newspaper reported on Wednesday that the bank expanded its business conditions to include a section on “cash payment transfers” in order to reject financial transfers of partners of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

BILD reported in July that Iran’s regime seeks to use the European-Iranian trade bank in the northern German city of Hamburg – with the approval of the German government – to transfer the nearly $400 million in cash to circumvent pending US sanctions.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government – widely considered one of the mos pro-Iran regime friendly European governments – has not commented on whether it will allow the roughly $400 million in cash to be sent to Iran to undercut the US sanctions campaign.

Israeli and US officials expressed deep concern that the cash payment to Iran would be used to finance terrorism. US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell urged the German government to block the payment to Iran’s theocratic regime, one of the leading state-sponsors of terrorism, according to the US State Department.

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