Omarosa is Scrambling After Being Caught Lying About Tape of Racist Trump Remarks


She knew it wasn’t enough.

Omarosa Manigault Newman is releasing a new book that promises numerous “bombshells” regarding her time both on Trump’s hit reality show “The Apprentice” and as an aide in his White House.

But, she apparently began to realize that the “evidence” presented in her book wasn’t compelling enough, so in a pre-book release interview, Omarosa embellished.

In the book, Omarosa claims that someone on production staff for “The Apprentice” had told her about an audio recording of Trump using the “n-word.”

However, when she was interviewed on Friday by NPR’s Rachel Martin, Omarosa claimed to have actually heard the recording of the racial slur.

You see, hearing about such explosive evidence second-hand wasn’t going to cut it. That wouldn’t hold up in a court of law, and it won’t hold up in the court of public opinion.

Omarosa knew she needed to strengthen her case, so the story evolved to her having actually heard Trump’s voice spouting the most heinous of pejoratives against black Americans.

Martin wasn’t having it, and continued to press Omarosa regarding the discrepancy, only to be repeatedly brushed off.

This wasn’t the first charge that Omarosa’s new book is riddled with fairytales and lies about the president. Even before it hits the shelves, the book is being labeled another attempted hit-piece aimed at bringing down Trump.

H/T Daily Caller

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