Old Ronald Reagan Quote on Socialism is Going VIRAL, and Liberals are HOWLING


Liberals like to stick their heads in the sand when it comes to the virtues of socialism.

Sure, the idea sounds good. But has it ever actually worked?

Ronald Reagan provided the answer to that decades ago, and his pithy quote is once again going viral on social media.

For those who need a little more explanation, Allen B. West provided it:

We could cite every example of where socialism has been tried to document its failure (though that would take quite a few more articles), so let’s look at just South America’s experiments with socialism. For whatever reason, the continent has largely embraced socialism.

There has just been one exception: Chile.

In the early 1970s, Chile was suffering annual inflation of 140% and declining GDP under socialist President Salvador Allende. Later that decade, Chile’s economic policy would be heavily influenced by the “Chicago Boys,” a band of libertarian and conservative economists from the University of Chicago under Milton Friedman.

What happened next has rightly been deemed the “Miracle of Chile,” as the country far outperformed the rest of the continent.

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As has rightly been noted, socialism may look good on paper, but has never quite worked out in practice, often leading to disastrous results.

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