Oil Producer Calls Out Biden’s Energy Policies: ‘Move Over, Biden’ And Let Us Work


A prominent Kansas businessman said oil producers like himself can’t easily turn back on the spigot to produce more domestic oil after more than a year under President Biden’s “bad” domestic and foreign policies.

Cecil O’Brate, CEO of American Warrior Oil, responded to Biden’s speech Tuesday where he announced a ban on Russian oil imports and cautioned Americans against even higher gas prices, which he dubbed “Putin’s price hike.”

“President Biden, on day one of his presidency, made it his top priority to cripple American oil and gas producers,” O’Brate, the longtime businessman, told FOX Business in an exclusive statement where he blamed Biden for the high gas prices. “His administration has axed progress on the Keystone pipeline, shut down leases on federal lands, encouraged Woke Wall Street to divest from fossil fuels, and installed absolute antagonists in leadership at Federal Reserve, the EPA and Department of Interior.”

American Warrior Oil in Garden City, Kansas, is an oil producer with about 60 full-time employees. The company’s production has been down in the last year due to trouble getting access to capital and finding workers.

O’Brate said getting America back to energy independence will take more than just lip service, but instead will require more energy-friendly policies from the administration and from banks.

“He’s reluctantly begging American oil and gas producers to turn the spigot back on,” O’Brate said. “His plan B? To ask our anti-democracy foes – Venezuela, Iran and others – to fill in the hole he’s created. Americans can see his folly. U. S. was energy independent just two years ago. Move over, Biden, and let us do our job.”

O’Brate was featured in a documentary called “Titans of Business” that aired on FOX Business last year. The film highlighted his journey from growing up in the Great Depression to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Kansas. O’Brate w… (Read more)

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