Ohio Muslim Shoots Daughter in the Head, Has SICK Excuse Why He Did It


Jamal Mansour, a Muslim immigrant who today lives in Ohio, pleaded not guilty last week to the brutal murder of his 27-year-old daughter, Tahani.

The killing took place on September 27, while Tahani lie asleep in her bed at 1 AM.

She was shot three times in the head from close range. A clear execution.

But Mansour insisted in court that the killing was an “accident.” He somehow “accidentally” shot his daughter three times. In the head.

Even if his claim that he didn’t know the gun was loaded could be believed, what in the world was this guy doing pointing even an unloaded gun at his sleeping daughter?

But, new evidence proves that Mansour did, in fact, know the gun was loaded. Because a convenience store surveillance camera caught him loading it himself just days prior.

And, there was motive, at least if you consider Sharia Law.

Days before her death, Tahani had traveled to Las Vegas on a business trip. Her father had strongly opposed her going, and the two argued.

Given what appears to be a calculated murder, and the Muslim background of the family, the prosecution called it an “honor killing.”

But that didn’t sit well with the politically correct defense lawyer, who accused the prosecution of “racism.”

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Source: WorldNetDaily

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