OH MY: Obama’s Magnate Friend Richard Branson Just Let Slip A Secret Obama Never Wanted Getting Out


Obama’s friends are finally speaking out, revealing Obama’s true nature and agenda.

Richard Branson, a billionaire friend, released an book: “finding my virginity” where he explains his friendship with Obama and exposed something that Obama never wanted Americans to find out.

Branson writes in his book about a lunch meeting he had with Obama in 2016 (as reported in the Daily Mail):

”Would you consider using Presidential Decree to remove the death penalty for the sixty people under federal jurisdiction on death row?” I asked. Or at least five of the sixty that [attorney and activist] Bryan [Stevenson] feels have particularly strong evidence for pardoning?’

Branson continued:

‘He said that he was more inclined to pardon all sixty than make a judgment on five. He felt that was the morally correct path, since he disagreed with the death penalty on principle.’

Now compare this to what he told the American public in 2015 during an interview with CNN:

“There are certain crimes that are so beyond the pale that I understand society’s need to express its outrage. So I have not traditionally been opposed to the death penalty in theory. But in practice it’s deeply troubling.”

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A typical non-answer from Obama, but he clearly comes across as not opposed to the death penalty. At least now we know how he really felt, according to Richard Branson, and we just got one more example of how he deceived the American people.

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