OH BOY: This Hollywood Has-Been is Thinking of Running Against Trump in 2020


As if he even stands a chance.

After Trump just succeeded in bringing North Korea to the negotiating table, something presidents have been trying, and failing, to do for decades, he’s nearly untouchable politically.

But that didn’t stop dimwitted Hollywood has-been Alec Baldwin from idiotically declaring would “absolutely win” if he ran against Trump for president of the United States in 2020.

And it seems to be more than just idle chatter.

For more than a year now, Baldwin, who’s gained an additional 15 minutes of fame by repeatedly mis-portraying Trump on Saturday Night Live, has flirted with the idea of running for president.

On some occassions, Baldwin’s suggested he’s serious about the notion. On others, he’s dismissed it as incompatible with his current lifestyle.

Whatever the case, this guy is totally nuts for thinking he can beat Trump at this point.

H/T The Hill

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