Officer Who Brutally Arrested Nurse in Viral Video Learns His Fate


A Salt Lake City police detective who demanded a blood sample last week from an unconscious patient and arrested the nurse who refused to allow it is facing serious consequences for his unlawful actions.

Detective Jeff Payne assaulted and arresting a hospital nurse who refused to give him her patient’s blood vials on July 26th. Payne now faces suspension and a criminal investigation.

Payne did not have a warrant for the blood and the patient was not a suspect in a crime. The patient, who had been injured in a car accident, could not consent to a draw, because he was unconscious. Payne, therefore was constitutionally barred from drawing.

As a police detective, Payne should know that what he was doing was against the law.

Payne told her, “I either go away with blood in vials or body in tow,” and he eventually violently arrested her.

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, city officials have placed Payne and another officer on administrative leave pending a full investigation into the incident. The decision to the suspend the officers came Friday afternoon. The name of the second officer was not released.

In addition, the Salt Lake County district attorney Sim Gill announced he has explored the possibility of opening a criminal investigation into the incident. He said Friday: “On the face of the evidence, there is concern that is raised about this officer’s conduct. But the whole point of an investigation is to gather the information about this situation.”

Mayor Jackie Biskupski and SLC police chief Mike Brown said at a press conference and in a joint statement that they’ve spoken with Wubbles and apologized to her. They also reiterated department policy changes.

A criminal investigation will surely find Detective Payne guilty. Because the video has gone viral, any refusals to carry out with an investigation would be met with lawsuits and public outcry.

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