Ocasio-Cortez Swings At Fox News, Hits Herself Instead


Democrat socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thought she was going to troll Fox News.

But her plan backfired in her face.

The newly elected congresswoman from New York shared a screenshot from Fox News that show what Ocasio-Cortez stands for.

“Free college for all, free healthcare for all, abolish ICE (and) Green new deal,” the photo read.

“Oh no! They discovered our vast conspiracy to take care of children and save the planet,” she wrote.

Notice she ignored the “abolish Ice” part of it.

She also ignored how she is going to pay for the “free” things she wants the government to pay for.

But don’t worry. Many on Twitter torched her for her ridiculous plan.

It’s a fantastic question and she does not have an answer to it.

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