Ocasio-Cortez Crashes Nancy Pelosi’s Office. Democrat Leaders are FED-UP


The Democratic Party leadership brought this on themselves.

In their vain effort to counter President Trump, they’ve been moving further and further toward the liberal fringe.

And that has encouraged the party’s constituents to elect every more radical liberal representatives.

One of those radical new representatives is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And this week, Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated just how much of a headache she’s going to be for the Democratic Party leadership.

The Daily Wire reported:

“Ocasio-Cortez joined a group of young activists called the ‘Sunrise Movement’ in staging a sit-in protest outside the Capitol Hill office of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the House Minority Leader and, come January, the likely Speaker of the House — and Ocasio-Cortez’s new boss.”

As Conservative Tribune pointed out, Ocasio-Cortez was acting “more like an ‘antifa’ activist than a responsible national lawmaker.”

But that’s the new direction of this more radicalized iteration of the Democratic Party, and old school lawmakers like Pelosi are going to very quickly find themselves out in the cold.

Again, they brought this on themselves by being so hostile and venomous in their opposition to the people’s choice for president – Donald Trump.

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