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Obama’s Transgender Policy BLOCKED – HIS LEGACY IS CRUMBLING!


A Texas judge has taken aim at Obama’s ridiculous policy catering to those confused about which gender they might be.

Obama’s requirements obligated private doctors to provide transgender services. But a Texas judge ruled that is not legal.

The White House did not explicitly tell doctors to provide sex changes. But it did insist that if a doctor is able, he cannot refuse such service just because he or she finds the request absurd, or possibly life-threatening.

Judge Reed O’Connor quickly put a stop to this executive order. He noted that it violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act by making doctors do what might be against their religious beliefs.

Christians doctors, for instance, might have a problem catering to the transgender agenda.

And many might determine that its simply unsafe medically to perform such a procedure on a child.

O’Connor was ruling on a petition submitted by numerous states and a number of religious organizations.

None of them want to force doctors to offer transgender services. And certainly not to children.

One of the organizations behind the petition, the Becket Fund, issued a statement:

“The government has no business forcing private doctors to perform procedures on children that the government itself recognizes can be harmful and exempts its own doctors from performing. Today’s ruling ensures that doctors’ best medical judgement will not be replaced with political agendas and bureaucratic interference.”

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