Obama’s Top Insider Turns on Democrats … Reveals TRUE INTENSIONS


Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), who was once an advisor to Barack Obama, turned on the former president this week when he confirmed that the “deep state” within the bureaucracy is trying to “destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.”

Fox News Insider reported that Kucinich called on Americans to put party politics aside and acknowledge that the federal government is “under attack from within.”

He added that there has been a “politicization” of intentionally nonpartisan agencies that has resulted in leaks to the press and a “threat to our republic.”

The former congressman then described the damaging leaks against President Trump as a “clear and present danger” to the American way of life.

“Our first allegiance is to our country,” he continued. “Our country itself is under attack from within.”

Mike Huckabee praised Kucinich for ignoring the majority of his fellow Democrats and speaking out on the crisis in a nonpartisan way.

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