Obama’s policy of YOU funding “gender-reassignment” surgery for military comes up in House


Wonder who pays for trans-gender surgeries in the military? Well, YOU do, you STILL DO.

On July 13, the House defeated a proposal that would have prevented the Pentagon from funding gender reassignment surgeries for service members. The amendment failed in a 209-214 vote, with 24 Republicans voting against it.

Did YOU know you were paying for this?  Many didn’t.  But I bet you would like to see who, other than democrats, supported this staying law.

The amendment was one of the most politically charged of the 200 that were being considered in the House as it debated the massive $696 billion defense authorization bill, which sets Pentagon policy and authorizes spending levels.
The provision from Rep. Vicky Hartzler was an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to block the military from paying for gender reassignment surgery or hormone therapy for both service members and their families.  Hartzler, a Missouri Republican, argued the Pentagon should not be paying for costly surgeries when it’s struggling with tight budgets and readiness problems.
“There are many problems, but funding transition surgeries with tax dollars is problematic because the surgery is very costly,” Hartzler said. “Surgical recovery time decreases the deployability of our soldiers, and funding transition surgeries means diverting money from other defense priorities.”

These are the 24 Republicans who voted against the legislation that would have removed funding for transgender military members’ medical costs:

  • California Rep. Paul Cook
  • California Rep. Jeff Denham
  • California Rep. Steve Knight
  • California Rep. Darrell Issa
  • Colorado Rep Mike Coffman
  • Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo
  • Florida Rep. Lena Ros-Lehtinen
  • Florida Rep. Brian Mast *
  • Michigan Rep. Justin Amash
  • Michigan Rep. Jack Bergman
  • New Jersey Rep. Leonard Lance
  • New Jersey Rep. Frank Lobiondo
  • New Jersey Rep. Tom MacArthur
  • New York Rep. John Faso
  • New York Rep. Elise Stefanik
  • New York Rep. Tom Reed
  • New York Rep. John Katko
  • New York Rep. Claudia Tenney
  • Pennsylvania Rep. Ryan Costello
  • Pennsylvania Rep. Charles Dent
  • Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Shuster
  • Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock
  • Washington Rep. David Reichert
* Rep. Mast misread the amendment and later changed his vote, although it did not affect the outcome.
Certainly this is a tough situation, but many conservatives are outraged at this decision.
What do YOU think?  Do you think maybe one ought to consider their gender BEFORE enlisting in the military?
 Source: Breitbart

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