Obama’s moles caught red handed flooding America with definite terrorists … this is Treason!! [video]


Trump may have been in office for a few weeks now and even though Rex Tillerson has been seated as the new Secretary of State that does not mean that all the anti-American, Trump haters, who are willing to commit treason against our country if it hurts Trump politically, are not still around making decisions about day to day operations.

Today news broke that ever since Trump’s reinstatement of Obama’s Travel Ban was blocked by activist judges the State Department has been rushing to DOUBLE the number of refugees taken from the 7 nations flagged for exporting terrorists.

The Obama holdovers are literally facilitating an invasion into the country.


As if this was not bad enough, it has been learned that the greatest increase in refugees has been from ISIS controlled Syria itself, a nation whose President Asad said yesterday terrorists were ‘definitely’ among the refugees.

This is clearly and effort by the Democrats, who have now fully exposed themselves as being willing to destroy their own country to regain power.


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