Obama’s in Trouble, and Trump’s LOVING It


Looks like Democrats’ efforts to delegitimize President Trump are backfiring, and could ultimately result in a few big names going to jail.

For the past several years, all we’ve heard from certain Democrats is how Trump allegedly colluded with the Russians to “steal” the White House.

But the subsequent investigations into those allegations have more recently raised questions regarding the Obama Administration’s apparent campaign to discredit a US presidential candidate.

And now a lot of folks are wondering if Barack Obama himself knew about this, or perhaps even authorized it.

From Fox News:

“U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ongoing probe into potential FBI and Justice Department misconduct in the run-up to the 2016 election through the spring of 2017 has transitioned into a full-fledged criminal investigation, two sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News on Thursday night,” reported Geraldo Rivera.

“I predict in the next week or two, you’re gonna see a run on criminal defense attorneys in Washington, D.C. by people further up the food chain in the previous administration,” he added. “Did Barack Obama know that the intelligence agencies were seeking to delegitimize his successor? At what point did he know? What did he authorize? What role did he play?”

No doubt President Trump is absolutely LOVING this. The Democrats are not only imploding, they might end up incriminating themselves!

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