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Obama’s Illegals SCATTER After Details of Trump’s New Executive Order are REVEALED


President Trump is about to sign additional executive orders to get around court orders trying to block his campaign against illegal immigrants.

And the details of his overall program are starting to come to light. All those millions of illegals are PANICKING.

In a post on the Center for Immigration Studies website, a former immigration officer highlighted the key provisions of Trump’s executive orders.

In particular, he noted that Trump’s order authorizes deportation for any illegals who “have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense.”

The wording is brilliant, because that pretty much applies to EVERY illegal immigrant since their illegal entry into the US is a chargeable offense!

Another clause targets those who have committed fraud “before a government agency.”

That includes all those illegals who moan that they have paid taxes, so should be allowed to stay in the US. Well, if you paid taxes, that means you fraudulently got a tax number.


The last one should be obvious, but sadly isn’t for the hysterical mobs of liberals.

It calls for deporting any who have “abused any program related to receipt of public benefits.”

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Social welfare is supposed to be for Americans who are in need. Not millions of non-Americans who entered the country illegally.

In all, these provisions cover upwards of 75% of the 13-14 million illegals living in the US.

ICE officers are going to have their hands full in the coming years deporting roughly 11 MILLION illegals.

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