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Obama’s DREAMer Illegal Immigrants Just Got BAD NEWS


Just before Donald Trump takes over the White House next month, Barack Obama has been tirelessly enacting last-minute policies, including his vow to pardon millions of illegal immigrants slyly referred to as “DREAMers.” However, as soon as the left thought their savior was going to succeed, they got news that is not only devastating for liberal snowflakes but also the millions of criminals who crossed over the borders illegally.

In 2014, Obama was praised by open borders activists and bleeding-heart leftists for pledging executive amnesty for as many as 11 million illegals in the U.S. As with many of his campaign promises, he failed to deliver, leaving his constituents worried. However, in his final months of presidency, the country suspected that Obama’s final move would be to grant clemency to those DREAMers who broke out nation’s laws only to hypocritically demanded its protection. Unfortunately for them, they just received the worst news they could possibly hear.

Breitbart reports that on Thursday, Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke on his behalf, announcing that no such framework exists for any such pardon. Speaking at a Politico event, Lynch admitted that DREAMers, including illegals brought to the country as “undocumented minors,” will be subject to Trump’s decisions regarding illegal immigration because Obama has no plans or even the ability to order an “en masse” pardon.

Appointed by Obama himself, Lynch shut down Democrats’ calls for the administration to issue last-minute amnesty for at least the thousands of illegal children used as “anchor babies.” For many illegals enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), their attempts to pressure the government to relieve them of justice has been denied.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that no illegals will be given amnesty. As Lynch reminded, clemency is still granted individually, however, this has always been the case, according to the Express. Unfortunately for DREAMers, Obama only has a few weeks left to review their cases one-by-one.

Liberals have been scrambling in a desperate bid to get Obama to make good on his commitment to the DREAMers ever since Trump was declared President-elect in November. The Democratic Party’s fear of Trump cracking down on illegals was confirmed with Lynch’s shocking announcement this week.

Trump has declared that he will not only begin mass deportation of illegals, beginning with violent migrant criminals, but also vows to build a wall at the Mexican border to ebb the flow. This pronouncement has gained massive support as migrant crime continues to rise, especially with reports of Islamic jihadists using America’s southern border for access to the U.S.

When he leaves office, Obama’s legacy will include a record number of pardon petitions, not to mention his release of dozens of terrorists from Guantanamo Bay detention camp, where some of the world’s deadliest political criminals reside. Still, as appalling as it is that he has freed so many ruthless murderers from GITMO, he even failed to keep his promise to close down the prison, leaving 91 prisoners and countless liberals disappointed.

In 2008, Obama swore he’d close GITMO, a move that stirred controversy on both sides of the political spectrum.

“It’s been clear that the detention center at Guantanamo Bay does not advance our national security,” Obama said from the Roosevelt Room at the White House. “It undermines it.”

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Unfortunately, Obama declared this just before transferring between 30 and 60 prisoners to U.S. soil. As conservatives warned, the Obama administration later admitted that after releasing dozens of detainees, at least 12 have launched deadly attacks on U.S. citizens.

Obama lost no sleep over freeing murderous terrorists who had declared war on the U.S. — imagine who he’d pardon if he had his way in granting blanket amnesty for nearly 11 million illegals. The victims of migrant crime, especially those grieving parents who’ve lost children to migrant rapists and murderers, can certainly imagine.

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