Obama’s DISGUSTING sexual secrets are LAID BARE… he’s RUINED


Ok, so revelations about how Obama is a hypocrite or how he betrayed America in diplomatic matters were expected. But this is just plain disgusting.

A new biography on Obama brings to light his DEPLORABLE behavior prior to marrying Michelle.

In “The Making of Barack Obama,” Pulitzer-prize winner David J. Garrow exposes the fact that during his college years, Obama considered a gay affair with his mentor, an openly-homosexual professor.

Obama is said to have believed that being gay would be less “complicated,” but ultimately decided against it.

And while Obama remained straight, his relationships with women can only be described as incredibly sleazy.

Garrow writes that Obama had a long-term relationship with one Genevieve Cook, an Australian-born graduate student.

The two reportedly had wild sex and cocaine parties with one another, despite Obama’s insistence that he did not use drugs in or after college.

Later, after he married Michelle, Obama went on to CHEAT ON HER with another ex-girlfriend.

And they want to smear Trump over a throw-away locker room joke?

Then again, this kind of sleazy crap is par for the course with Democrats. Just look at Bill Clinton.

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Source: Daily Mail

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