Obama Wants To Stop Trump Deporting Illegals… Planning to Pardon 200,000 Criminals Before Leaving Office


Barack Hussein Obama only has a few weeks left in office, but he has made it clear that he fully intends to go out with a bang by inflicting as many harmful actions on the American people as he can before he officially hands over power to Donald Trump.

Now, liberal idiots are calling on Obama to pardon 200,000 criminals before he leaves office, and he just might do it.

NYTIMES reported that liberal immigration advocates have made a final plea to President Obama to shield up to 200,000 legal immigrants with minor criminal records from deportation. They want to save them from being deported by President-elect Trump.

Liberals argue that those they want to save simply have minor criminal records that shouldn’t be enough to get them deported.

They seem to be ignoring the fact that each of these 200,000 immigrants are in this country illegally, and therefore should be deported whether they have criminal records or not.

Law News pointed out that our current laws only allow the president to pardon federal crimes, while the power to pardon state crimes is typically given to the state governor. This means that Obama is currently powerless to pardon the 200,000 illegal aliens who have been found guilty of minor state crimes like marijuana possession and petty theft.

However, advocacy groups say their plan could work since deportation is a federal matter. They say Obama could use this as a loophole to issue a pardon for the 200,000 aliens.

Given all the harmful things Obama has done to this country since he took office, we definitely wouldn’t put this past him…

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