Obama: The Merchant of Arms – U.S. Weapons Transferred to Islamic Countries for this SICK REASON!


Hey Folks, this may sound crazy, but the Obama admin. has sold thousands of arms to Islamic countries especially Saudi Arabia.


Is Obama is a traitor?



We are no making this up, this is a research done by the Congressional Research Service.

Obama has sold more weapons than Putin to Islamic countries. Yeah the “gun-control” man.


Egypt (30 bln $), Iraq (29 bln $), Saudi Arabia (25,6 bln $) and Qatar (24 bln $).

Saudi Arabia has requested up to 153 tanks, 20 of which have been described by the Pentagon as being destined to replenish vehicles damaged in the war in Yemen. The deal also includes related equipment, including machine guns, grenade launchers, night vision devices, and ammunition.

The tank deal has sparked controversy in Congress because it signals continuing U.S. support for the Saudi military.

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Obama admin. has sold arms to France, Germany, Italy, UK as well (more than $100 bln).

H/T: Security Assistance

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