Obama Takes Credit For Emissions Reductions Under Trump Administration


Former President Barack Obama took credit for the greenhouse gas emissions reductions that occurred under the Trump administration during a speech Monday.

Obama explained that U. S. emissions declined since he left office despite the presence of former President Donald Trump during his remarks delivered at the United Nations climate conference taking place in Glasgow, Scotland. Investment from the federal government made before Trump took office and efforts from state and local governments pushed clean energy development forward in the U.S., he added.

“The determination of our state and local governments, along with the regulations and investment that my administration had already put in place, allowed our country to keep moving forward despite hostility from the (Trump) White House,” Obama remarked.

“Despite four years of active hostility toward climate science coming from the very top of our federal government, the American people managed to still meet our original commitment under the Paris Agreement,” he continued.

The former president said that the $90 billion investment his administration made in renewables in 2009 helped “jumpstart” the U. S. clean energy industry. Businesses and consumers quickly adapted to renewables because of his policies, the former president said.

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