Obama Spending Mind-Blowing Amount of Taxpayers’ Money on Indonesia Vacation


Barack Obama and family are once again living it up at an exotic travel destination.

Besides trying to unseat President Trump, that seems to be all the Obamas have done since leaving the White House in January. So much for truly understanding the challenges faced by average Americans.

What’s really got people riled over this particular vacation in Bali, Indonesia is how much taxpayers’ dollars Obama is spending.

They’ve been spotted doing a number of super expensive activities, like whitewater rafting down the famous Ayung River.

Their also staying in a swanky villa at the Four Seasons Resort Bali to the tune of $2,500 a night!

Now, while Obama’s paying for this vacation out of his pocket, where do you think that money comes from?

That’s right, it’s the very generous post-presidency salary funded by your tax dollars.

Did Barack Obama do a good enough job as president to deserve this kind of luxury in his “retirement”?

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Source: The Daily Mail

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